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R. C. Goodwyn came to Powhatan county from Chesterfield in 1929 and established a sawmill with his brother Arthur. The original tract known as Hatcher Plantation had 1100 acres of farmland and grown timber. With a few mules, a truck and a portable sawmill he made his start. Some years later R. C. known as (Dick) bought out his brothers part of the company and with the six children he and his wife Mary raised, he farmed the property and worked the sawmill. Through the years all of his sons and daughter worked in the business and even to this day grandsons and great-grandsons work for the business. Although the sawmill days have long gone the business has diversified into a multi-faceted operation to include not only building supplies and millwork but also hardware, plumbing, electrical supplies as well as a dumpster business.

As the years have passed R. C. Goodwyn still prides itself in being a hands on service oriented operation to deliver the best up to date products at the most competitive prices.

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second generation

Retired 2nd Generation- Archie, Tootie, & Pal

third generation

3rd Generation- Art, Michael, Chris & Dennis


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